GFH says not party in Haigh's case; Haigh's lawyer clarifies

GFH says not party in Haigh's case; Haigh's lawyer clarifies
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Bahraini Gulf Finance House -GFH said it isn't a party in the law suit filed against the company's former employee David Haigh.

GFH bourse statement came in response to the press release published by SC BVI and the former GFH Capital limited employee David Haigh, who is being detained in Dubai regarding legal claims for fraud committed during his employment.

GFH affirmed that it has not been served as relates to the case and the press release has no legal ground.

Also, GFH confirmed that Haigh is currently facing criminal and civil proceeding in Dubai; hence it would not disclose any further information in order not to jeopardize any legal proceedings.

Meanwhile, Haigh’s lawyer Stephenson Harwood Middle East LLP said, in a letter to Bahrain Bourse, dated February 4, that no charges have been filed since almost nine months after Haigh’s detention in Dubai and that he is yet to be questioned as to the allegations raised by GFH Capital Limited.

It also added that Haigh commenced claims in England alleging that GFH, its CEO and a director deceived him over a prolonged period to return to Dubai under the false pretext of a job offer in addition to settling outstanding sums due to him.

Haigh has lodged a full and comprehensive defence to the Dubai civil claims against him by GFH. That defence is supported by a detailed forensic report of international financial services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. This was served on GFH on 22 December 2014. The defence further sets out Haigh’s intention to file a GBP 5 million counter claim against GFH, according to the lawyer.

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