UK tests 10-Gbps home broadband

UK tests 10-Gbps home broadband
Mubasher: The British broadband operator Hyperoptic announced that the UK has conducted tests for broadband speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) in a home for the first time.

The test was tackled in the former Olympic village in east London, BBC reported on Tuesday.

The UK's firms are looking to roll out full-fiber technology across the European country, BBC added.

It is necessary to introduce higher broadband speeds in a bid to cope with the country’s needs, head of Ofcom Sharon White said.

"The amount of internet data used by people in the UK is growing by around half every year. So we'll increasingly need full-fibre broadband services like this to provide faster, more reliable connections and capacity to our homes and offices,” White added.

Britain's Hyperoptic, which delivers super-fast broadband via fibre optic cables, said “the test was about proof-of-concept.”

“We have carried out this trial to push the limits in terms of what's possible for residential broadband,” the UK-based company added.

Hyperoptic provides a full fiber network in about 30 cities across the UK, and it is already exists in 400,000 homes, according to the BBC.

The British broadband operator further noted that it handled the tests upon customers demand in an effort to improve their businesses.

"While other players are just considering how they can upgrade their infrastructure to enable gigabit speeds, we are already working on a path to 10Gbps consumer broadband," CEO of Hyperoptic Dana Tobak said.