Rumors spread faster, wider than true stories- study finds

Rumors spread faster, wider than true stories- study finds

Mubasher: A new research, conducted by a group of US scientists over 12 years, has found that fake news spread faster and on a broader scale than verified and truthful news.

The study, which was led by data scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge Soroush Vosoughi, showed that people, not robots, are responsible for the quick spread of rumors on social networks, Science Magazine reported on Thursday.

People tend to share false stories more than real news, as fake tweets takes 6-time longer than true ones to reach 15,000 persons, according to the research.

“Whereas the truth rarely reached more than 1000 Twitter users, the most pernicious false news stories routinely reached well over 10,000 people”, Science Magazine reported citing the study.

“If something sounds crazy stupid you wouldn’t think it would get that much traction. But those are the ones that go massively viral,” a fact-checking journalist at Snopes in Pasadena, California Alex Kasprak told the magazine.