Grand Egyptian Museum receives King Merneptah pillar

Grand Egyptian Museum receives King Merneptah pillar

Mubasher: The pillar of king Merneptah, son of Ramses II, has been delivered safely to the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) which would be its permanent display area.

The pillar of Merneptah, who ruled ancient Egypt for around 10 years, was discovered in 1970 at the Matariya archaeological site, Supervisor-General of the GEM Tarek Tawfik said.

The pillar, which was taken to the GEM after keeping it in the Citadel since 2008, would be located at the atrium at the GEM main entrance gate, next to the colossus of king Ramses II.

Director of the Restoration Department at the GEM, Osama Abulkheir further noted that the pillar would be examined, analysed, and restored before it gets put on show in the museum.

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Source: Mubasher