Alphabet CEO to commercialise flying Taxis in New Zeeland

Alphabet CEO to commercialise flying Taxis in New Zeeland

Mubasher: The CEO of tech giant Alphabet Inc. and co-founder of Google Inc. Larry page has unveiled a commercial drone called “Cora”, created using flying car maker Kitty Hawk.

In 2016, Kitty Hawk revealed a prototype of an electric flying taxi. The company is planning to transform the prototype into reality and coordinating with New Zealand authorities to commercialise these air taxis during the coming years.

The firm, which was one of the flying car startups that Google’s co-founder invested in during the past year, said “New Zealand's Central Aviation Authority has the respect of the worldwide regulatory community. A people who embrace the future. And a dynamic economy that could serve as a springboard for Cora." 

The autonomous flying car is capable of travelling at 150 kilometres per hour and does not require a runway to fly as it takes off and lands vertically.

New Zealand’s minister for research, science, and innovation Megan Woods said that Cora is in line with her country’s scheme to reduce emissions to zero by 2050.

Kitty Hawk operates in New Zealand as Zephyr Airworks.