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Uber launches portal to attract women drivers in Saudi Arabia

Uber launches portal to attract women drivers in Saudi Arabia
Uber launches portal to attract women drivers in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh – Mubasher: Uber has launched a registration portal for women in Saudi Arabia after the kingdom allowed them to drive.

The service plans to raise women participating in Uber’s investments, in addition to attracting Saudi women who are interested in driving, Arabian Business reported. “We’re keen to continue to create change that’s meaningful and improves the experiences of Saudi women with Uber,” Uber’s marketing manager in Saudi Ohoud Al Arifi commented on his company's newest initiative in the kingdom.

The announcement comes after Uber said in April that it was planning to allow women to become "captains" on its application.

Uber also announced that it would launch the first drivers support centre for women during the coming period.

"Many women have already recognised that Uber is the right choice for anyone who wants to make an extra earning from the flexible economic opportunities the technology provides on their own schedules,” Al Arifi added.

The ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia is set to be lifted on 24 June.

Auto sales are also expected to rise by around 6% to 10% when women begin driving, local media reported. Neighbouring countries, including the UAE, also projected an increase in car sales after the ban is lifted.

In mid-2017, the kingdom announced plans to allow Saudi women to drive. Media reported that women have already begun registering for licences, although there would be some limitations to the places they get to drive in as stated in the bylaws.

Uber surveys conducted over the past several months indicated that around 78% of Saudi women were likely to obtain a driving licence after the ban is lifted.