India’s Jet Airways to cut flights to GCC

India’s Jet Airways to cut flights to GCC

Mubasher: Jet Airways, a major Indian international airline based in Mumbai, will cut its Gulf destinations by around 40 flights a week, a company spokesperson has said.

The Indian carrier is working on reducing operational costs by cutting services on unviable routes, which include seven Gulf countries.

Jet Airways is rearranging some of its point-to-point flights from certain destinations in the Gulf including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, and Doha, through its hubs in Mumbai and Delhi, the spokesperson told Arabian Business.

“As part of this strategy, Gulf operations are being optimised to focus on connectivity at our hubs in Mumbai and Delhi instead of point-to-point connectivity,” he said.

Jet Airways’ decision followed a comprehensive review of its network that will see the carrier move capacity from uneconomical routes to ones that are more profitable.