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Banque Saudi Fransi announces the appointment of Chairman and Vice Chairman

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Announcement Detail Further to the Ordinary General Meeting of the Banque Saudi Fransi convened on 04/04/1440 corresponding to 11/12/2018 where the Board Members were elected for a new term of three years commencing 01/01/2019 to 31/12/2021.

Banque Saudi Fransi announces the Decision of the elected Board of Directors resolved during its meeting of 04/04/1440 corresponding 11/12/2018 for the selection and nomination of the Board Chairman and Vice Chairman for the next session providing to receive prior SAMA's No Objection.

Whereas, SAMA's No Objection has been received on 06/04/1440 corresponding to 13/12/2018, the Banque Saudi Fransi announces the following Elected Board's approvals:

1- To appoint Mr. Mazin A. Al Romeih as Board Chairman

2- To appoint Mr. Talal I. Al Maiman as Vice Chairman