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Al Kathiri Holding Co. Announces Project Sign Off to Ministry of Defense - Royal Saudi air Force

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Introduction Referring to the award of the Royal Saudi Air Force concrete barriers project to Msandh El Emdad Company Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Alkathiri Holding), the project contract was signed on 06-01-2019 with the Ministry of Defense - Royal Saudi Air Force
Date of announcement of the assignment 2018-11-20 Corresponding to 1440-03-12
Subject of contract Provide concrete barriers for Royal Saudi air Force
Date of contract sign off 2019-01-06 Corresponding to 1440-04-30
Contract Value 10,416,000 SR
Contract Details Securing and supplying 5000 concrete barriers according to the engineering and works plans of Royal Saudi Air Force
Contract Duration The duration of the project is 90 days from the date of receipt of the work site
The financial impact and period that this project will affect The Financial impact of this contract will appear in the first quarter and second quarter of the year 2019
Related Parties There are no related parties