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640 flights cancelled on security staff strike in Germany

640 flights cancelled on security staff strike in Germany

Mubasher: More than 640 flights in Germany were cancelled on Thursday after security staff went on strike in airports.

The strike, in which workers sought to put pressure on management in wage talks, centres on airports in western Germany: Duesseldorf, Cologne and Stuttgart.

643 flights were cancelled out of 1,054 scheduled flights, the airports said, adding that many passengers would be impacted, with significant delays at security checkpoints.

About 1,000 security workers participated in the strike during the morning, public sector union Verdi said on Thursday, adding that the strike would continue till the end of the day.

“After five days of talks, the negotiations have come to a standstill [...] and that's why we thought it was necessary to make a move with these warning strikes today,” the union’s spokeswoman Andrea Becker said.

The union, negotiating on behalf of 23,000 security workers in Germany, demanded a pay raise to EUR 20 per hour before tax.

Wages talks are due to proceed on 23 January, the union said.