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Trump set to sign order to prioritise AI research spending

Trump set to sign order to prioritise AI research spending

Mubasher: US President Donald Trump is set to sign an executive order on Monday asking federal government agencies to prioritise artificial intelligence (AI) in their research and development spending, a news report said.

The order comes amid worries about China’s ambitious plans to dominate the sector and the probable disruption for workers as the technology automates millions of jobs, Bloomberg reported on Monday, citing a White House official.

The order does not outline certain funding goals, but it aims to ensure that the AI develops in a manner that mirrors US values and push training for the future workforce, the official said.

The order also envisions regulatory guidance to ensure that the technology is trustworthy, and it will not include intellectual property protections or export control, with the aim to open markets for US companies, the official noted.

The move came less than a week after President Trump’s State of the Union speech, in which emphasised the “necessity” of investments in “cutting edge industries of the future” as part of infrastructure package.