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Boom Supersonic, Dassault Systèmes partner to build history’s fastest jet

Boom Supersonic, Dassault Systèmes partner to build history’s fastest jet

Mubasher: US jet startup Boom Supersonic will utilise Dassault Systèmes’ 3DExperience platform to ramp up the design and development of its Mach-2.2 commercial jet airliner, Overture, the French tech giant said in a statement.

Boom Supersonic, which is building and designing what it describes as the “world’s first economically viable supersonic airliner,” will save it half of the time in developing its first Overture prototype of  through Dassault’s “Reinvent the Sky” industry solution based on its platform.

Dassault's solution provides access to digital designing and simulation applications in one secure real-time environment.

 “Overture takes new advances in aerodynamics, materials, and propulsion and uses them to revolutionise long-haul commercial airline travel,” Boom Supersonic’s co-founder Joshua Krall said.

This is expected also to enhance product quality by lowering programme complexity, inefficiency, costs and resources, and thereby removing some barriers for market entry.

“We quickly and easily deployed Dassault Systèmes’ 3DExperience platform and expect to scale up to hundreds of users as our project matures,” Krall stated.

Amid rising passenger travel and stronger demand for new flight experiences, aerospace firms, startups and small original equipment makers (OEMs) are revolutionising traditional aviation dynamics with fresh and next-generation aircraft concepts.

“Smaller innovators need tools for their product development programs that offer them the infrastructure of more established companies yet allow them to stay nimble and incur minimal IT [information technology] related expenses,”Dassault’s aerospace and defence vice president David Ziegler said.