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Al Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker Co. Announces for launching its new Website and online store.

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Announcement Detail Al-Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker is pleased to announce to its shareholders the launching of new website, which includes an electronic sales platform that allows its customers and shareholders to easily communicate with the company and access its products through the sales platform. The new platform store enable all products of the company and its affiliates , specifications of those products and their prices with the service of purchasing and extension of additional warranty of products, in addition to the delivery services of our products within the main cities inside Saudi Arabia. The company aims through the electronic sales platform to diversify its market channels and provide the best services to its customers in addition to implementing the vision of the company in keep up with the development of electronic sales and communication with its customers , and you can visit the new website of the company through the following link: www.shaker.com.sa, and can visit the online store through www.shakergroup.store

Take in your consideration, currently is not possible to determine the financial impact of the opening of the electronic store, but in case the event of any financial impact that appears later, if any , it will be announced immediately .