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Derayah Financial enhances its forex contract trading platforms

Derayah Financial enhances its forex contract trading platforms

Riyadh, July 2019 - Derayah Financial, a Riyadh-based leader in investment solutions licensed by the Capital Market Authority, has added forex contract trading services to its offerings to ensure better, safer, and more integrated investment options for investors.

Through the recently launched Derayah Global and Derayah Global Plus services, customers can access various investment products and advanced financial instruments, such as Forex Contracts, Contracts for Difference (CFDs), Futures, Futures Options, Warrants, and Fixed Income in Asian, European, and US markets.

The advanced and fully integrated Derayah platforms can be used to carry out buying and selling orders, follow real-time prices in international markers, and create follow-up lists for shares, option contracts, and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF’s).

Using multiple communication channels that include smartphones applications and direct phone calls, customers can place Market Orders (MKT), Limit Orders (LMT), Stop Loss/Profit Orders (STP), Limit Stop Loss/Profit Orders (STP LMT), Market on Close Orders (MOC), Limit on Close Orders (LOC), Trail Orders, and Trailing Stop Limit Orders.

The various options enable customers to better control their investments as they try to maximize profits and avoid/limit losses. Derayah’s team of experts strives to ensure best implementation of investors’ orders through fast implementation at the best prices in the financial markers available on the platform.

While Derayah’s charges are competitive, the company ensures the highest security measures for customers through electronic security tools and provides fully transparent information regarding customers’ portfolios and investments. This enables customers to trade in full confidence through safe trading channels. Customers can join the service electronically without signing any documents or visiting company branches.

“We are pleased to be among the first brokerages to enable customers to trade in forex contracts in local and global markets on an integrated and advanced platform that our team of experts developed,” said Mohammed Al-Shammasi, Chief Executive Officer of Derayah Financial. “Our platform allows eight types of selling and buying orders and provides real-time securities prices, with the possibility of creating follow-up lists and viewing the series of options and all available contracts. We offer significant capital facilities, and our professionals are always there to answer customer’s questions and provide advice.”

Through the Derayah forex platforms, investors seeking to expand their investments can easily tap into the forex contract opportunities and serve their investment objectives.

The high-risk product targets investors willing to diversify their investments through trading in international financial markets. A risk assessment is conducted for every individual customer to determine if he is able and willing to take the risks associated with the product.

Derayah Financial is a leader in investment solutions, given its transparent, independent, and easy approach. This is supported by a team that has deep and quality expertise in local and international brokerage services, asset management, and financial analysis in the Saudi, GCC and global markets.