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Aramex expands delivery options via Aramex Spot in KSA, UAE

Aramex expands delivery options via Aramex Spot in KSA, UAE
By 2020, 150 Spot locations may be provided in KSA & the UAE
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Dubai – Mubasher: Aramex has launched Aramex Spot, the latest last-mile delivery solution, in multiple locations across Saudi Arabi and the UAE, in collaboration with retail outlets to use their locations as convenient Pick-Up and Drop-Off (PUDO) spots. 

Meeting customers’ growing expectations within the e-Commerce industry, Aramex noted that the new edge will further the company’s last-mile delivery, while being a part of its asset-light structure, said a press release on Sunday.   

Towards the end of 2020, a number of 150 Spot locations are forecast to be provided across Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Moreover, the Spot locations will receive compensation per shipment, while further benefitting from the increased footfall the customers will drive to the locations.

“This latest addition to our last-mile delivery solutions will allow the end recipient to conveniently Pick-Up their shipments from a nearby supermarket, pharmacy or other commercial outlets. We believe this is incredibly important and is in line with our strategy to increase operational efficiency while enhancing customer experience through innovative solutions,” said Aramex’s chief operating officer, Iyad Kamal.

Meanwhile, Aramex’s chief digital officer, Mohammed Sleeq, commented, “With this proprietary tech comes our industry track record; we are well-positioned and confident of introducing a robust PUDO network. Aramex Spot joins Aramex Fleet, our crowdsourcing delivery arm, together forming a zero-asset tech-driven platform that supports our capacity scalability efforts on the last mile."