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Gensource Potash Corp drills new well in Canadian area

Gensource Potash Corp drills new well in Canadian area

Mubasher: Canada’s Gensource Potash Corporation has announced the beginning of its planned fall drilling in the 100% owned Vanguard Area in central Saskatchewan.

The Vanguard Area in Canada includes two Saskatchewan subsurface potash mineral leases surrounding the Villages of Tugaske and Eyebrow, according to a press release published on Tuesday.

The new well will confirm the extent and grades of the potash resource in the Vanguard Area, enlarging collected and modelled data for the area. Drilling and demobilisation works are anticipated to be completed before the end of 2019.

Potash core from the prairie evaporite formation will be recovered, sampled, and assayed as part the geological work on this well, while geophysical logs will be collected, and drill stem tests will be performed in targeted areas.

“We are excited to be moving ahead with this fall drilling because of the value that this well creates for our understanding of the resource in the Vanguard Area, and the furtherance of our mission to develop multiple projects within the area,” Gensource’s CEO Mike Ferguson said.