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India considers law obliging social media users’ verification

India considers law obliging social media users’ verification

Mubasher: The Indian government has proposed a new privacy bill that may require major social media platforms to offer an identify-verification option, Reuters reported citing two government sources.

This could set a new model in combating the spread of false information across social networks.

Although the initiative may result in some technical and policy challenges for these platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter, all of which have millions of users in India, it could be similar to the verification used to confirm the authenticity of some entities, politicians, and celebrities accounts.

Nonetheless, under the Personal Data Protection bill, the verification would remain optional for users. The aim is to raise the validity of information on the verified accounts, but the challenge of fake accounts would remain.

Rumours and fake news on social media have reportedly led to more than 30 deaths in India Since 2017.

The cabinet passed the bill on Wednesday, it is now set to be presented to the parliament, which is expected to carry out a review by a parliamentary expert committee.