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Isuzu partners with Honda for hydrogen fuel-cell technology

Isuzu partners with Honda for hydrogen fuel-cell technology

Mubasher: Isuzu and Honda have penned an agreement to conduct a joint research and development (R&D) on hydrogen fuel-cell powered heavy-duty trucks, according to GlobalData.

Automotive editor at GlobalData, David Leggett, referred that Isuzu and Honda have cooperated to develop the expensive hydrogen fuel-cell technology to be used in freight transportation and logistics, in addition to making a significant step towards a cleaner and hydrogen-based economy.

Leggett added: “Companies are waking up to the suitability of hydrogen fuel-cells for heavy-duty freight and commercial vehicle applications, which offer the advantage of zero-emissions and potentially a long range between refuelling - as much as 400km.”

He concluded: "Isuzu brings commercial vehicle development expertise to the collaboration, while Honda has plenty of relevant experience in electric vehicle control systems and hydrogen fuel-cell technology."