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Middle East’s renewable energy targets face obstacles - GlobalData

Middle East’s renewable energy targets face obstacles - GlobalData
Good regulation prevents chaotic disruption

Mubasher: The increasing dependence on solar and wind energy in the Middle East, led by Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia, has become remarkable, driven by governments’ ambitious renewable energy targets.

However, the adoption of renewable energy projects and strategies in the region faces several structural, regulatory, and technical challenges, which must be faced and overcome by governments, energy editor at GlobalData, Jennifer Aguinaldo, said in a recent statement.

Aguinaldo remarked: “One important challenge for everyone pushing for rapid migration to renewables is regulation. Good regulation prevents chaotic disruption and ensures safety and security. But policy and regulatory reform cannot move as speedily as technological innovation, and it can be unpredictable.”

In addition, several policies should be amended to enable merging renewable energy, primarily photovoltaic (PV) solar power, into power grids in the Middle East.

“This includes having to ensure grid flexibility and stability, enabling the integration of new technologies ranging from battery-storage to electric vehicles and establishing new commercially-attractive business models.”

The energy editor concluded: “Proponents of renewables in the Middle East must push hard for regulatory and policy reforms that will support their goals, but they also must proceed in the knowledge that some things might just take a little longer to deliver than they would like.”