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UAE bans tobacco, e-cigarette plugs without digital tax stamps

UAE bans tobacco, e-cigarette plugs without digital tax stamps
Federal Tax Authority (FTA)

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: The UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA) announced that importing waterpipe tobaccos and electrically heated cigarette plug not marked with digital tax stamps will be prohibited across country as of 1 March 2020.

The ban comes as FTA is launching phase two of the marking tobacco and tobacco products scheme.

FTA aims to protect consumers from commercial fraud and low-quality products, according to an official statement.

The Authority called on producers, importers, and distributors of these products to abide by the system.

Stamps allow for tracking the designated products from the manufacturing facility and until it reach the end consumer, ensuring all these products meets standards and met their excise tax obligations.

“The Scheme supports the FTA’s efforts to collect taxes, combat tax evasion, protect consumers from commercial fraud, prevent the sale of subpar products in local markets, and help protect the environment and public health,” said FTA Director General Khalid Ali Al Bustani.

The FTA Director General went on to reveal that the authority has started organising a series of training programmes for inspectors from Departments of Economic Development and Customs Agencies across the emirates.

Moreover, the Authority explained that the Digital Tax Stamps are registered in the FTA database and electronically embedded with data that can be read using a dedicated device, which allows inspectors to verify that all taxes due on these products have been paid, and ensure that products are not counterfeit or illegally supplied.