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How a startup application can be a modern enterprise system?

How a startup application can be a modern enterprise system?
For an enterprise system stability is more important than functionality

By: Marina Awadallah

Cairo - Mubasher: As the world is rapidly moving into digital transformation, scaling businesses from startups to an enterprise that facilitates the exchange of data is necessary for their growth and their operations’ improvement.

In order for startups to meet their customers’ expectations, cope with the changing business ecosystem, and become legacy companies, they should align their businesses with rapid technology advancement via a successful enterprise system.

During the “Scaling Technology to Enterprise” session of the RiseUp from Home event, held online on 13-15 August, Chief Information Officer at Banque Misr Ibrahim El-Sherbini, gave entrepreneurs some tips on how to transform a small application into a modern enterprise system.

Here is a list based on El Sherbini’s advice for establishing a successful enterprise system.

1- Performance and scalability 

Good performance and high scalability are essential components for enterprise software. 

Determining how long software would take to respond to requests defines application performance, while scalability measures its performance under a heavy load.

In the growth phase, entrepreneurs should put into consideration the number of users of their application and how quickly it needs to scale to determine the best enterprise architecture.

2- Third party components

The system should include third-party components, namely commercial level software, to be responsive to customers' needs.

3- Stability

Any enterprise system should be stable, as stability is more important than functionality. To ensure the system’s stability and reliability, safety nets should be included in an application.

4- New technologies

To be adapted to the changing markets, businesses should explore new technologies and ideas to reach new innovations.

5- Support team

A professional support team and services team in the system helps businesses to extend and integrate their products.


New application by Banque Misr

Moreover, the chief information officer concluded that Banque Misr is digitally transforming its system, and further remarked that the bank will launch a new mobile application for SMEs by the end of 2020 as part of the bank’s digital transformation journey.

This comes along with the bank’s digital innovation strategy that focuses on embracing different technologies, including data science, AI, and blockchain.

In addition, the bank is building an open banking API to partner with existing and new startups.