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The story behind the region's first multi-service super app

The story behind the region's first multi-service super app
Careem expanded its services in Egypt and the GCC

By: Marina Awadallah

Cairo - Mubasher: Dubai-based Careem has recently launched a multi-purpose application, or a Super App, that brings its different services in just one platform, benefiting from the company’s infrastructure which has been built throughout years.

In a session titled "Disrupting The Market: The Middle East's First Super App Is Here To Create Impact" held during RiseUp from Home virtual event, the Managing Director of Global Market at Careem, Ibrahim Manna, revealed more details about the new application and the company’s expansion in the region.

After its launch in the UAE in 2012, the ride-hailing application has expanded its services in Egypt, Saudi Arabi, the GCC, Pakistan, Turkey, and Morocco, covering almost the entire Middle East region.

Serving 13 countries and more than 100 cities in the region, Careem has 1.7 million captains in its platform to transport people and make deliveries

Careem has strengthened its existing infrastructure, based on the company’s various services, cash and digital payment methods, and growth strategy, by introducing an all-in-one application called a “Super App”.

After expanding in different geographical markets and building our infrastructure, we feel that it is now time to offer more services for our digital users. We have invested $50 million to develop Super App, enabling us to be the first to launch a successful widely adopted app in our region,” Manna referred.


Merchants can become tenants of the multi-service digital app, offering more services to over 35 million users of Careem, especially to those who carry out daily transactions via the company’s platform.

Moreover, the app includes daily transactions, last-mile delivery option, which allows users to order goods from different cities and places, as well as payment services through cards and digital wallets.

You do not have to sign up to multiple apps, as through the Super App, you can sign up in just one app to get the services you need.”

Moreover, the app enables the growing number of startups in the region to have access to 35 million users, use the last-mile delivery service, expand in 13 countries, and easily carry out transactions among countries without any limitations.

Speaking about the Egyptian market, the managing director of Global Market at Careem said that Egypt is a very important market for the company; hence, Careem has introduced the delivery service.

Prior to coronavirus (COVID-19), we launched this service. Currently, we are doubling down on our efforts to enable users to order anything from different cities across Egypt, including Cairo and Alexandria.”

The company also has enabled the digital payment service ‘Careem Pay’ in Egypt.