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Big fire erupts at Beirut port weeks after massive blast

Big fire erupts at Beirut port weeks after massive blast

Mubasher: A massive fire erupted on Thursday at Beirut port just over a month after a huge blast devastated the port and surrounding residential area of the Lebanese capital, killing around 190 people, Reuters reported.

The army said a store of oil and tires had burst into flames, although it said the cause was not immediately clear.

Meanwhile, an official said the blaze was limited to the shattered duty-free zone of the port.

(Photo Credit: Reuters)

The head of Lebanon’s Red Cross, George Kettaneh, said there was no fear of another explosion as a result of Thursday’s fire and there were no injuries, although he said there were some people suffering from shortness of breath as a result.

The 4 August explosion ruined a swathe of the capital near the port and shattered windows across the city, injuring 6,000 people and leaving about 300,000 without inhabitable homes.

That blast was caused by a huge store of ammonium nitrate that had been kept at the port in poor condition for years.