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Facebook to use AI for renewable energy storage

Facebook to use AI for renewable energy storage

Mubasher: Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University are planning to utilise artificial intelligence (AI) in finding electrocatalysts to store electricity produced from renewable resources, CNBC reported.

Electrocatalysts can be used to convert excess solar and wind power into other fuels, such as hydrogen and ethanol, that could be stored easier, but the problem lies in the fact that electrocatalysts, including platinum, are rare and expensive.

Hence, the social media company and the university have established an AI software model, Open Catalyst 2020 data set, to help scientists find new and low-cost catalysts.

The new model has data set with information on potential catalysts, including relaxation which is a used measurement in catalysis that shows whether a particular combination of elements will produce a good catalyst.

The Open Catalyst 2020 data set needs 70 million hours of computing time to achieve the results; hence, the new AI software will accelerate the search for possible catalysts each year to store renewable energy.