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Tadawul’s foreign investors buy SAR 340.5m of stocks in February

Tadawul’s foreign investors buy SAR 340.5m of stocks in February
Saudi investors recorded sales of SAR 231.44 billion in February.

Riyadh – Mubasher: Foreign and Gulf investors on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) registered higher net buys during February 2021 than sells, whereas the selling trend dominated the transactions of local investors.

The buys of foreign and Gulf investors netted SAR 340.47 million and SAR 175.03 million, respectively, last month, whereas Saudi investors logged net sales of SAR 515.49 million, according to Tadawul’s monthly report.

The total buying transactions by foreign investors within Tadawul's benchmark index totalled SAR 13.21 billion while selling deals reached SAR 12.87 billion.

In the meantime, GCC investors saw a higher buying activity last month with SAR 1.62 billion in buys and SAR 1.44 billion in total sells.

On the other hand, Saudi investors recorded higher sales at SAR 231.44 billion and buys of 230.93 billion.

In February, Tadawul extended its gains for the second successive month, with the Tadawul All Share Index (TASI) growing by 5.08% or 442.4 points to 9,144.99 points.

Furthermore, the market cap value of shares listed on Tadawul jumped by SAR 66.27 billion ($17.67 billion) on a monthly basis last February to SAR 9.117 trillion ($2.43 trillion).

The value of shares owned by foreign investors on Tadawul hiked by SAR 7.74 billion ($2.06 billion) monthly in February to stand at SAR 219.24 billion ($58.46 billion).

Likewise, the market cap value of shares owned by Saudi investors surged by SAR 57.12 billion ($15.23 billion) to SAR 8.85 trillion ($2.36 trillion).  

As for Gulf investors, the ownership amounted to SAR 46.61 billion ($12.43 billion) by the end of February 2021, a monthly increase of SAR 1.41 billion ($377 million).