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GoDaddy to participate in SHE CAN 2021

GoDaddy to participate in SHE CAN 2021
Selina Bieber, Senior Regional Director for MENA Region, GoDaddy

Cairo – Mubasher: GoDaddy Inc. announced that it will be participating in SHE CAN 2021, an event that will be held on March 5, in honour of International Women’s Day.

The participation is derived from the alignment of both entities’ visions, which strive to inspire and empower women entrepreneurs in Egypt and the MENA region into discovering their capabilities and establishing their own businesses, as Egyptian women play a pivotal role in various social and economic levels, according to a press release.

During the event, Selina Bieber, Senior Regional Director for MENA Region, GoDaddy, will deliver an engaging talk that highlights GoDaddy’s continuous efforts to support entrepreneurs unleashing their capabilities and realizing their potentials both internally among its colleagues and externally among its customers. 

Bieber’s speech will showcase the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt and its opportunities. In support of this, GoDaddy’s participation at SHE CAN 2021 aims at empowering everyday female entrepreneurs in Egypt and the MENA region. The company is keen to deliver training session, workshops and talks to enhance entrepreneurs’ knowledge and skills, enabling them to leverage digital platforms to start and grow their startups online. This comes in line with Egypt’s vision that seeks to build female capabilities and encourage them to maximize the utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools and solutions.

Furthermore, Bieber, who is also the mother of a 4-year-old son, will share her personal and professional story as a working mother who strives to maintain a good work-life balance, aspiring to fulfil her roles competently. She will also shed light on GoDaddy’s enriching work environment, which became globally recognized as one of the top workplaces for females in tech through its unique approach of empowering women and providing them with a safe space to radiate in their respected fields with no limitation to what they can achieve.

It is worth mentioning that Selina Bieber will also deliver constructive virtual two-day training for entrepreneurs in Egypt at the end of March. The training will pinpoint how to start an e-commerce business, using GoDaddy tools and solutions, along with analyzing entrepreneurial opportunities in the Egyptian market.



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