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Mubasher's Du seeks to turn novice investors into professional traders

Mubasher's Du seeks to turn novice investors into professional traders
Individuals can start with a monthly investment of EGP 500 through Du Invest
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Cairo – Mubasher: Mubasher Financial Services, one of the five largest non-banking financial institutions in Egypt, has invested about EGP 360 million in launching its new Du brand for financial services, the first of its kind in Egypt that caters to the needs of all investors and provides financial education to its users.

Ehab Rashad, Vice Chairperson of Mubasher Capital Holding for Financial Investments, said that the company aims to support the government’s efforts in supporting investment and savings and encouraging young people to benefit from non-banking financial services.

Rashad revealed the company’s plans to help beginners turn into professional traders through 10 Du products, which provide users with an easy-to-use trading platform as well as financial education.

Du in the first online financial platform in Egypt that meets the needs of all investors of different income classes, encourages the entry of new investors and provides financial education through the provision of several innovative investment solutions.

Making investment decisions will be easier through investment training tools and a virtual trading platform that simulates actual market conditions.

Du platforms are focused on providing an integrated system for individuals and institutions of all investment sizes whether it is EGP 500 or EGP 500 million through Du Invest and Du Trade which allow selling, purchasing, investing, withdrawing, and depositing easily, Rashad pointed out.

Du Trade

Du Trade provides the first commission-free trading platform in Egypt with no minimum account opening balance. New investors are encouraged to trade in securities through technology-based solutions at the lowest costs.

Users can subscribe to one of three monthly packages worth no more than EGP 49.99 to start online trading without any commission, in addition to receiving financial and technical reports and news that will help them make sound investment decisions. The service is available free of charge for three months until the end of March 2021.

Du Invest

Du Invest is the first online financial platform in Egypt that allows investors of all income classes to invest their savings efficiently and seamlessly in a diversified portfolio through flexible investment solutions such as investment and saving plans for retirement, marriage, and education, etc.

Users can start with an investment of EGP 500 monthly through Du Invest which allows investing in fixed income, equities, and Sharia-compliant investment plans.

They can make withdrawals and deposits at any time without any requirements or restrictions and without being limited to a freeze period or losing interest, in addition to accessing information about the value and performance of their investment via the mobile app.

Du Invest also provides institutions with loyalty programmes for their employees by creating investment portfolios that provide retirement plans.

Approach towards technology

Rashad noted that the company’s approach towards technology solutions supports the government’s plans to achieve financial inclusion, adding that technology has become indispensable nowadays and investment solutions have to be up-to-date.

Rashad has 25-year extensive experience in local and regional non-banking financial services. He held several positions in different countries, including the Vice-Chairman of MubasherTrade, the CEO of Al Safwa Mubasher Financial Services, the General Manager of Mubasher Financial Services, and the Chairman of Al Thamarat Association Charity.

Investment plans

Over about two years, Mubasher invested around EGP 360 million in Du brand, Rashed added, noting that the company aims to expand its coverage across all governorates in Egypt by 2025, obtain new licences, and acquire a new mutual fund.

The main purpose of opening new branches is reaching customers in all governorates, educating customers about electronic trading, and supporting investment and savings plans. People can invest their savings with Mubasher to get good returns through conventional and Sharia-compliant investment plans.

Mubasher, one of the five largest institutions operating in the non-banking financial sector in Egypt, has more than 15 years of experience in financial trading in the stock market and other financial investment fields.

Mubasher Financial Services is a leading provider of regional and international brokerage services in the Middle East, combining financial market expertise with pioneering products and services as well as award-winning trading platforms.