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GFH partners with Schroders Capital to invest in private equity deals

GFH partners with Schroders Capital to invest in private equity deals
A co-investment was made in a global healthcare education provider
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Mubasher: GFH Financial Group has inked a strategic partnership with Schroders Capital, the private markets investment division of the UK's Schroders, to invest in a number of private equity and venture capital deals.

The partnership will enable GFH to have access to buyout and growth companies in Europe and the Americas, according to a press release on Monday.

Alongside Schroders Capital, GFH will search for opportunities in select investments across defensive and downturn resistant sectors, including healthcare, education, technology, and consumer.

Both companies have made a co-investment in a global healthcare education provider, which has positions across several European countries and Latin America.

The CIO of GFH, Hammad Younis, said: "This strategic partnership with Schroders Capital strongly aligns with GFH’s vision of building a robust European and American private equity investment platform, an area where we continue to focus and expand both organically as well as inorganically through partnerships, JVs, and acquisitions of GP stakes."

Meanwhile, the Head of Private Equity of Schroders Capital, Rainer Ender, commented: "The investment opportunities remain extensive and I am sure that by working together we can take advantage of some exciting private equity and venture capital deals."