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Raoom Trading Co. Announces Purchase and supply of a new production line for laminated glass With the German company BENTELER

RAOOM 9529 0.00% 114.00 0.00
Element List Explanation
Date of Board Resolution in Regard to the Project 2022-10-17 Corresponding to 1444-03-21
Project Start Date Project start date 10/17/2022
Project Cost 1,950,000 EUR
Financing method for the project Self-financing from the company
Expected completion date of the project 10/17/2023AD
Expected Impact on the Company’s Financial Results After completing the installation and operation of the line, it is expected to have a positive impact on the company's financial results in 2024
Expected Date on Which the Impact on the Financial Results of the Company will Start In the first half of 2024 AD
Expected Date for the Pilot Production of the Project to Begin It will be on 10/17/2023
Duration of the pilot production of the project Two-month trial production
Expected date for the commercial production of the project 01/01/2024
Executing Party/Counter Party in the Project/Contract German company BENTELER Mschinenbau GmbH
Related Parties There is no
Additional Information The purchase of this line comes in line with the company's plan to expand and increase its share in the local market and export, and in line with the Kingdom's plans to increase the company's market share.