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UAE’s strong economy to pull in more foreign investments - Al Tamimi Investments

UAE’s strong economy to pull in more foreign investments - Al Tamimi Investments
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Dubai - Mubasher: Robust investment flows to the UAE are expected in the coming years thanks to the country’s consistent strong economic performance, steady growth, and ambitious development plans in the next 50 years, says Al Tamimi Investments.

The Arab region’s second-largest economy enjoys positive market sentiments and a bullish economic outlook, making it a magnet for investments. It shows, among others, how its economic diversification efforts over the years have been attracting and continue to draw global attention, which translates into significant gains,” said Dani Tabbara, COO of Al Tamimi Investments.

The statement was made after the UAE Central Bank released its report showing the country’s 8.20% growth during the first three months (3M) of 2022. In 2021, the national non-oil foreign trade hiked by 27% to around AED 1.90 trillion.

As part of our commitment to cultivating homegrown brands, Al Tamimi Investments leverages our wealth of expertise to develop and empower the next generation of Emirati brands to contribute to shaping the future of the national economy,” Tabbara pointed out.

The higher investments to the UAE were attributed to strong oil prices and improved oil production, coupled with the country’s continuous efforts to combat the pandemic’s effects.

Tabbara added: “These developments have allowed the UAE to reach its pre-pandemic levels. Investment influx is expected as the country remains on track with its economic goals, especially in key sectors such as construction, e-commerce, manufacturing, healthcare, education and advanced technology. Sustainability and innovation will also spur more growth opportunities.

The UAE aims to become one of the 10 biggest global investment destinations by 2030. In 2020, the United Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTD) named the UAE the world's 15th biggest recipient of foreign direct investments (FDIs).