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Elaf partners with EXO Travel to initiate tourism venture in Saudi Arabia

Elaf partners with EXO Travel to initiate tourism venture in Saudi Arabia
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Riyadh – Mubasher: Elaf Group, a leader in the Saudi travel, tourism, and hospitality sector, entered into a strategic partnership with EXO Travel Group to incorporate EXO Saudi Arabia as a venture designed to boost the attraction of Saudi Arabian tourism on the global level.

The two groups aim to redefine the tourism landscape in the Kingdom by offering an unrivalled exploration of its rich cultural tapestry and natural wonders to visitors from across the globe, according to a press release.

Establishing EXO Saudi Arabia embodies the consummation of an earlier pact between Elaf and EXO in addition to its alignment with Saudi Vision 2030.

The bigger objective is to bolster tourism influx into Saudi Arabia and cultivate sustainable growth in the tourism sector.

Chairman of Elaf, Abdulraouf Mohammad Mannaa, said: “Our key priority is to contribute to the development of Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030. We have been working towards forging long-standing relationships with leading international tourism companies and agencies to boost this sector and attract more tourists, further positioning KSA as a leading global destination that provides exceptional experiences that satisfy the needs of visitors from across the globe.”

Mannaa concluded: “The partnership contract signed with EXO Travel to establish EXO Saudi Arabia is a testament to our commitment of boosting the tourism sector in the Kingdom, working towards new levels of growth and enhancing tourism services for visitors.”

Meanwhile, Chairman of EXO Travel, Olivier Colomes, noted: “Establishing EXO Saudi Arabia aligns perfectly with our vision of fostering connections between Saudi Arabia and international tourists. Our aim extends beyond enhancing tourism influx. We aspire to make travel meaningful while preserving the unique characteristics that make the country special.”

Adel Ezzat, the CEO of Elaf, said: “Our partnership will bolster the local tourism infrastructure and secure KSA’s standing as an eminent travel destination, resonating with Saudi Vision 2030’s ambitions to significantly contribute to the GDP, create a million job opportunities, attract 100 million visitors by 2030, and shape a sustainable tourist industry.”