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Aramex currently integrating automated delivery through robots – Interview at Seamless Saudi Arabia

Aramex currently integrating automated delivery through robots – Interview at Seamless Saudi Arabia
Osama Abdulrahman, Business Development Manager at Aramex
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Riyadh – Mubasher: The DFM-listed Aramex has been applying automation to its services, a step that positively affected the way it offers shipping services in Saudi Arabia.

In an interview with Mubasher during Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023, Osama Abdulrahman, Business Development Manager at Aramex, talked about the payment solutions and fintech development as well as the automation journey and customer information confidentiality.

Among the shipping companies in the Kingdom, what distinguishes Aramex from other firms?

Aramex is the most widespread company in the Kingdom, as we cover approximately 301 different destinations across Saudi Arabia. Our services vary from shipping a single document to packages of different weights.

What is the strategy Aramex adopts in payment solutions and fintech?

We have different, flexible payment solutions. Our customers can pay for their shipment before arrival or at spot and they receive a one-time password (OTP). They can also pay in cash, through the network, or in a prepaid way.

Do you have any local or international partnerships with banks or financial entities?

We have accounts in all banks and we accept payment through all banks. Our customers do not exert a lot of effort to pay their financial dues.

How does Aramex deal with security and privacy for payment transactions?

Customers cannot pay unless they receive a mobile message that includes their shipment or tracking number, upon which they pay their money. All information is confidential within Aramex.

In line with the development of payment methods and fintech, how did this affect Aramex customer base and its growth achievement?

At Aramex, we have new solutions every day and a better coverage to the service areas. We also develop zones from direct delivery to pick-ups.

We are currently integrating automated delivery through robots, which can operate up to 12 shipments and can carry up to 80 kilograms. They can provide services in both indoor and outdoor areas to deliver the shipments to customers who will pay through a barcode reader.

What is the state-of-art technology that you want to integrate at Aramex?

We have been applying automation to our services and this technology eliminated mistakes that could happen. We have been also integrating automated sorting of shipments to a great extent by reading a barcode to reach its destination eventually.

Ahead of the two day event, Kareem Refaay from the London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) talked to Mubasher in an interview that included different topics, including open banking and fintech, and 2024 Seamless events which will take place in the UAE and Egypt. 

It is worth mentioning that Mubasher is a media partner at Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023, which had strategic partnerships with Saudi Payments as well as Fintech Saudi.

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