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Egypt’s Potcast Productions mulls regional expansion after early financing round

Egypt’s Potcast Productions mulls regional expansion after early financing round
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Cairo – Mubasher: The Potcast Productions Company, and Egyptian podcast production firm, has concluded an early financing round in the second season of the Shark Tank program under the guidance of businesswoman Dina Ghabbour, according to a press release.

The company aims to utilise the funding in accomplishing it plans to expand into regional markets, beginning namely with Saudi Arabia and the UAE. This is in addition to creating a wide range of unique content while reinforcing Potcast Productions’ strategy to become a regional entity working towards cultural integration in MENA through the power of storytelling.

The Egyptian firm also unveiled the launch of The W Program, which is hosted by Dina Ghabbour, to focus on empowering women and discussing important social issues.

CEO of The Potcast Productions, Islam Adel, commented on securing the funding round by saying: “This tour  will help us expand our business and serve more content creators in the region.”

Adel noted: “The podcast industry is experiencing significant growth as a versatile platform for education and entertainment, attracting a global audience with its content – thanks to its rapid expansion on both a global and regional scale.”

The CEO concluded that the company helped in creating 15 different programmes tailored to various target demographics, which resulted in having 7 million listens and more than 600,000 viewing hours within six months.

Adel added: “As for the Middle East and North Africa region, there has been a notable rise in podcast listeners, presenting a promising opportunity for developing innovative content.”