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Mubasher Global has the largest network, covers 3m investment tools – Chairman Al Ballaa

Mubasher Global has the largest network, covers 3m investment tools – Chairman Al Ballaa
Mohammed Rashid Al Ballaa, Chairman of MubasherTrade Global

Mubasher: Mubasher Global has the largest network that connects the markets across the globe through its company Global Trading Network (GTN), Chairman of MubasherTrade Global, Mohammed Rashid Al Ballaa, stated during the third Arab Federation of Capital Markets (AFCM) Annual Conference in Qatar.

GTN connects 91 markets in 86 countries worldwide and provides instant trading, Al Ballaa elaborated, adding that the company expanded its business to link together countries in different continents like America and Europe.

The Chairman further added that GTN has approximately 11 global licences and is in the process of issuing licences in Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. In addition, the company covers 3 million investment tools across the world.

Talking about AI, the official noted that it presents challenges and offers opportunities, as tools in the world of capital markets changes in a fast pace that is hard to process, therefore, AI helps with processing and developing these tools.

Al Ballaa added that digitising the fintech market relies on connecting markets, which allows investors to instantly trade using different investment tools on a global level. Meanwhile, using AI tools facilitates for the investor to choose the best investment option.

It is worth noting that the two-day AFCM Annual Conference 2024 launched in Doha on 29 April.

In 2023, Mubasher Group partnered with both Fintech Galaxy and AFCM to establish an open finance innovation lab to serve the capital markets industry across the Middle East as well as the fintech community.