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Baladi poultry Trading Company announces the signing of an agreement between almajem food company and major shareholders of Baladi poultry trading company to purchase shares

BALADY 9559 126.80% 308.00 172.20
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Introduction Reference to the announcement of Baladi poultry Trading Company (the"company"), published on Tadawul website on 07-03-2024, regarding the signing of a binding stock purchase agreement between the existing shareholders sellers with almajem food company

The company announces that a binding stock purchase agreement was signed on 20/10/1445 H corresponding to 29/04/2024 ad between major shareholders of Baladi poultry company and Al-minajem food company, under which Al-minajem food purchased 1,511,100 shares, which represents 23% of the company's shares at a purchase price of a capacity of 120 Saudi riyals per share for a total of 181,332,000 Saudi riyals ( share purchase agreement ) ( transaction ) subject to a purchase agreement the transaction will be executed after obtaining the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities, including the general authority for competition

Previous Announcement Baladi poultry trading company announced the signing of an agreement between almajem food company and existing shareholders to purchase shares .
Date of Previous Announcement on Saudi Exchange’s Website 2024-03-07 Corresponding to 1445-08-26
Hyperlink to the Previous Announcement on the Saudi Exchange Website Click Here
Latest Developments Of The Announced Event Signing of a binding purchase agreement between almajim food company and major shareholders of Baladi company
Reasons For The Delay on The Date of The Event Previously Announced Not applicable
The costs associated with the event, and if they have changed or not with indication of the reasons. Not applicable
Delay consequences on the Company’s financial results Not applicable
Additional Information The company will announce any material developments related to the transaction in accordance with the relevant regulations and instructions