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The Saudi National Bank Announcement on the Appointment of Chairman of the Board and Vice Chairman of the Board.

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Announcement Detail Referring to the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting of The Saudi National Bank, held on Wednesday dated 01 May 2024G, that included electing the Board of Directors for the term that started on 15 May 2024G and ends on 14 May 2027G.

As the elected Board of Directors decided, during its meeting held on 15 May 2024G, to select and nominate the Chairman of the Board and the Vice-Chairman, subject to obtaining the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) Non-Objection.

As SAMA Non-Objection was obtained on 19 May 2024G, The Saudi National Bank announces that the Board of Directors has approved the following:

1. Appoint Mr. Saeed Mohammed AlGhamdi – as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

2. Appoint Mr. Yazeed Abdulrahman AlHumied – as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.