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Henkel Egypt renews partnership with ITIDA to support IT exports

Henkel Egypt renews partnership with ITIDA to support IT exports
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Cairo – Mubasher: Henkel Egypt renewed its collaboration with Egypt's ITIDA for three more years to strengthen IT investments and expand export services from its Cairo Global Business Solutions office.

The partnership supports Egypt's digital transformation goals by training local talent in high-demand fields like IT solutions and business operations, according to a press release.

ITIDA incentives will help Henkel scale up and create more jobs, boosting Egypt's offshoring industry.

Ahmed El-Zaher, CEO of ITIDA, said: "[ITIDA’s programmes] have contributed to training and equipping the workforce with modern technologies that are in high demand in both global and local markets, such as IT solutions, business operations, engineering, and research and development, to support all Henkel's shared operations and activities."

“Additionally, the agency remains committed to attracting more global companies to establish centres for exporting shared services from Egypt, reinforcing its position as a leading destination for offshoring and technology services in the region,” El-Zaher added.

Sherine Alaa, Head of the Global Business Solutions Cairo at Henkel Egypt, stated: " At Henkel, we are committed not only to strengthening our presence in Egypt but also to contributing to the growth of digital exports from the country.”

“This partnership underscores the strategic importance of Egypt to Henkel globally, and we look forward to a successful collaboration that creates job opportunities and encourages digital exports in Egypt,” Alaa noted.

Henkel's Global Business Solutions Office in Egypt, one of five worldwide, is pivotal in the company's digital transformation, aiming to boost export revenues.

It manages shared operations globally, offering services in Arabic, English, and French. Henkel Egypt actively supports Egypt’s Vision 2030, investing in digital infrastructure and local talent to align with the government's focus on the ICT sector as a key driver of economic growth.