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MyAlice partners with AstroLabs to expand in Saudi Arabia

MyAlice partners with AstroLabs to expand in Saudi Arabia
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Riyadh – Mubasher: Customer support solution provider MyAlice has launched its first headquarters in Riyadh, expanding operation in Saudi Arabia, in cooperation with AstroLabs.

MyAlice seeks to enlarge its presence in Saudi Arabia by supporting local brands to increase conversion rates, improve customer satisfaction and achieve deeper visibility, according to a press release.

Alex Nicholls, Director of Expansion at AstroLabs, stated: “Saudi Arabia has become a hotbed of development and growth, and we are thrilled to support MyAlice as it continues to advance its mission to become a revolutionary force in the e-commerce omnichannel technology and customer engagement space in the kingdom.”

Shuvo Rahman and Daniyal Baig, Co-founders of MyAlice, highlighted the expanding market opportunities supported by government initiatives and the presence of major e-commerce players like Zid and Salla.

Through strategic integrations with Salla and Zid, the company enhances its footprint in the Saudi market, connecting with over 60,000 active online businesses based in Saudi Arabia.

“To support Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 and foster growth, MyAlice offers businesses a unified platform aimed at increasing revenue through top-tier customer engagement driven by automation and collaborative support,” they emphasised.

In June, Supplai collaborated with AstroLabs to expand in Saudi Arabia.