Weetas analyzes last year’s events in Bahrain property market

Weetas analyzes last year’s events in Bahrain property market


The leading Bahrain-based real estate marketing company “Weetas” has issued a comprehensive study tackling the main events and developments that occurred in Bahrain real estate market last year.

By following last year’s developments, Weetas aims to get a grasp on the market trend in the coming period.

The company referred in its latter real estate report that the market has witnessed a remarkable drop in performance in conjunction with oil prices collapse, which reflects the strong relation between oil price and other economic sectors, including real estate.

The report stated the main factors alongside oil prices that led to the market drop. It highlighted also the main characteristics of this decline and its repercussion on real estate development pace and properties prices.

The new reality will urge market entities, including investment companies, to research a new business style that conforms to the new market facts, according to Weetas.

Investors, for instance, are expected to launch different project concepts designed mainly to meet clients’ demands and fill their needs.

The report stated also the recovery process will take some time advising investors, companies’ owners to be patient and act upon current conditions.

It’s worth mentioning that the report is available on Weetas website and it includes special quotations from Bahrain’s top real estate experts like Naser Al Ahli, Ali Alawadhi, and others.



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