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19 January 06:16 PM Swiss Nestlé to invest CHF 2bn in recycled plastics   
Mubasher: Swiss-based Nestlé will invest up to CHF 2 billion ($2.067 billion) to shift from virgin plastics to food-grade recycled plastics.
19 January 05:56 PM Huawei ranks 5th biggest investor in R&D globally
Mubasher: Huawei came in the fifth position for being one of the world’s biggest investors in research and development (R&D) in 2019.
19 January 02:25 PM Oracle eases moving to cloud solutions
Oracle is updating its enterprise management platform to make it easier for customers to move Oracle databases to the cloud
18 January 07:12 PM Toshiba’s CEO to add title of president in April 2020
​​​​​​​Mubasher: CEO of Japanese multinational conglomerate Toshiba Corporation is set to add the title of president in April 2020, Bloomberg reported on Saturday.
17 January 08:39 PM Commercial, military satellites market to record $195.11bn in 8 years
Mubasher: The global commercial and military satellite market is expected to record a CAGR of 76.6% to $195.11 billion in 2020- 2028.
17 January 04:44 PM Volkswagen to acquire $560m stake in Chinese EV battery maker
Mubasher: Volkswagen is nearing the closure of a deal to acquire a 20% stake in China’s electric vehicle battery maker Guoxuan High-tech Company.
16 January 09:18 PM Tesla considers building design & research centre in China
​​​​​​​Mubasher: Tesla is reportedly planning to open a design and research centre in China to make ‘Chinese-style’ vehicles, according to Reuters.
16 January 05:54 PM Package holiday market seen at $632bn by 2023 despite challenges
Mubasher: The global package holiday market has been experiencing several uncertainties since the collapse of the UK’s travel operator, Thomas Cook.
16 January 05:50 PM Isuzu partners with Honda for hydrogen fuel-cell technology
Mubasher: Isuzu and Honda have penned an agreement to conduct a joint research and development (R&D) on hydrogen fuel-cell powered heavy-duty trucks, according to GlobalData.
16 January 04:31 PM US’ Southwest Airlines extends cancellation of Boeing 737 MAX flights
Mubasher: US-headquartered Southwest Airlines has announced that it will extend cancellations of Boeing 737 MAX flights until 6 June 2020, Reuters reported on Thursday.
15 January 10:45 PM US, China seal deal to ease trade tensions
Mubasher: President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed a trade agreement with China which puts an end to the trade war between the two major economies.
15 January 07:31 PM General Motors to move 1,350 temporary workers to full-time jobs
Mubasher: General Motors announced plans to move over 1,350 hourly employees in the US to 1,350 hourly employees at its assembly plants in Q1-20.
Iron prices have dropped by EGP 300 per tonne since the beginning of the week
15 January 03:28 PM Iron prices to further decline as EGP levels up
By: Abdullah Bedeir Cairo – Mubasher: Iron prices are expected to further decline in the coming period, Ahmed El-Zeiny, the head of chamber of building materials at the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC) told Mubasher. With the …
15 January 02:59 PM Amazon orders 40 EVs for deliveries in Germany
Amazon.com has ordered 40 electric vans from Germany’s StreetScooter for deliveries in Munich, Reuters reported.
15 January 02:34 PM Prologic First rolls out 1st comprehensive hospitality cloud solution  
Mubasher: The leading technology solutions provider for the hospitality industry Prologic First has launched the first comprehensive hospitality cloud solution for hotel management.
The shipment reflects the success of KNPC’s international marketing sector
15 January 02:07 PM KNPC exports first low-sulfur diesel shipment
Mubasher: Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) announced that the first shipment of low-sulfur diesel (ULSD 10ppm) has been exported through Mina Abdullah refinery to global markets after fulfilling al requirements. The exported 40,000-tonne …
15 January 01:45 PM Volvo Cars, China Unicom join forces on 5G technology
Volvo Cars and telecom provider China Unicom have partnered on using fifth-generation (5G) mobile network technology for communication between cars and infrastructure.
15 January 01:33 PM Renault, Nissan facing big questions - GlobalData
The Renault-Nissan alliance is facing mounting challenges with rising tensions, anticipation regarding the Carlos Ghosn case, and the once possible merger now off the table.
14 January 09:55 PM OPEC+ may postpone March meeting to June
Mubasher: OPEC and its allies are expected to postpone an upcoming policy meeting from March to June, Reuters reported on Tuesday.
14 January 06:26 PM Fintech backs ‘digital challengers’ into mainstream in 2020 –Banking experts
Mubasher: Digital banking is forecast to continue expanding in 2020, while ‘digital challengers’ are expected to reach additional spots
14 January 06:01 PM JPMorgan achieves record annual results in 2019
Mubasher: American multinational investment bank JPMorgan has posted record annual results in 2019, Reuters reported on Tuesday.
14 January 05:52 PM Volvo Cars’ 2019 sales hit highest levels in history
Mubasher: Volvo Cars broke the 700,000 sold cars level for the first time in its history, with a total of 705,452 sold cars.
14 January 05:23 PM Finland, Sweden may top cashless countries by 2022 - GlobalData
Mubasher: GlobalData, announced its expectations for the top countries that will most likely move towards a truly cashless society by 2022.
14 January 05:05 PM Majid Al Futtaim continues int’l expansion with Uganda’s 1st Carrefour
Dubai – Mubasher: Majid Al Futtaim, the leading property developer and shopping mall operator, has inaugurated the first Carrefour Store in Uganda.
14 January 02:24 PM BMW renews partnership with Getac on mobile devices
Mubasher: The BMW Group has selected Getac to benefit from its mobile devices and solutions for various applications.