17 July 09:44 PM Fed chairman commits to raising interest rates
Powell stressed that the American economy is growing at a solid pace
12 July 05:12 PM US, UAE dismantle Iranian finance network
Currency exchanges had used the UAE financial system to transfer cash out of Iran and convert it into USD
27 June 11:01 PM Rand drops 3% against USD
The South African Rand declined by 3% against the US Dollar on Wednesday
27 June 08:11 PM Strong US dollar harms many economies – Moody’s
Mubasher: The strong dollar has been affecting many currencies and foreign exchange reserves in several emerging and frontier markets.
22 June 05:47 PM Eurozone’s growth challenged by risks
Global and domestic risks are rising, including escalating trade tensions, policy complacency among member states, and political shocks
21 June 11:40 PM Mexico raises interest rates 0.25%
The Central Bank of Mexico decided on Thursday to raise its main interest rate in order to combat the depreciation of the local currency
20 June 11:08 PM Draghi supports eurozone budget
ECB governor said that the idea is worthy of encouragement and support
20 June 07:39 PM Moody's changes outlook on Pakistan's to negative
The decision to change the outlook to negative is driven by heightened external vulnerability risk
13 June 09:47 PM Fed raises interest rates 0.25%
FOMC raised the target range for the federal funds rate to 1.75% to 2%