Global Events

22 September 01:14 AM Gold turns to weekly losses
The yellow metal futures for December delivery went down by 0.8%
19 September 10:58 PM Gold settles at highest level in week
The precious metal is also rising as investors are seeking a safe haven
19 September 12:00 AM Gold settles lower, maintains $1,200 level
Gold futures for December delivery went down by 0.2%
14 September 09:54 PM Gold settles lower, narrows weekly gains
Gold futures for December delivery went down by 0.6%
14 September 12:57 PM Gold advances as dollar slips on US data, trade talks
Gold prices climbed earlier on Friday with the US dollar faltering after weaker than expected data on inflation in the US.
13 September 09:53 PM Gold settles lower after mixed performance
Gold futures for December delivery went down by 0.2%
13 September 06:17 PM Gold rises on easing dollar after central bank troika data
Gold prices edged higher on Thursday following a bumpy start earlier in the day, after a two-week high hit in the previous settlement.
12 September 11:57 PM Gold settles at 2-week high Wednesday
The yellow metal futures for December delivery rose by 0.7%
11 September 11:23 PM Gold settles higher as USD remains stable
The precious metal restored the $1,200 level
10 September 02:33 PM Australia makes rare gold discovery delivering $10.7m in 4 days
An unexpected discovery of gold deposits in Western Australia has delivered more than $10.66 million (AUD 15 million) in four days.
7 September 10:44 PM Gold down 0.5% for the week
Gold futures for December delivery went down by 0.3% on Friday
7 September 12:26 AM Gold settles higher as USD declines
Gold prices continued the upwards trend on Thursday as the US dollar weakened against major currencies amidst uncertainties regarding trade tensions with China
5 September 09:53 PM Gold restores $1,200 level
The yellow metal has recovered from a two-week low
4 September 11:02 PM Gold declines as USD recovers
The precious metal retreated below the level of $1,200 per ounce
1 September 12:00 AM Gold sees most monthly losses since 2013
Gold prices registered the fifth consecutive monthly decline
30 August 10:49 PM Gold settles lower at week-low
Gold prices decreased on Thursday for the third session in a row
29 August 11:17 PM Gold settles lower as US yields rise
Commodities are still affected by a thriving stock market
28 August 11:41 PM Gold nears two-week low
The precious metal fluctuated in the second trading session of the week
28 August 02:14 PM Gold stabilises as US dollar weakens on US-Mexico trade pact
Gold prices stabilised on Tuesday as the US dollar mired near a one-month low after the US and Mexico made a trade deal.
24 August 10:17 PM Gold logs 1st gain in 7 weeks
Gold is up 2.5% for the week
23 August 11:25 PM Gold settles below $1,120 
Gold prices declined on Thursday for the first time in five sessions
20 August 11:46 PM Gold trades higher at Monday’s close
The increase in gold prices comes due to the dollar’s weak performance.
20 August 03:45 PM Gold trades higher Monday, regains safe-haven status
Gold prices rose during Monday's trades following sharp drops last week
17 August 11:38 PM Gold down for 6th week in row
A slip by the US dollar helped the yellow metal rise on the last trading day of the week
17 August 12:19 AM Gold settles slightly lower as USD remains strong
Gold was briefly supported by a slight decline in the USD