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Global Events

19 July 10:21 PM Gold finishes down on Friday
Mubasher: Gold fell at Friday’s settlement, gaining 1% for the week.
19 July 12:25 PM Gold retreats from 6-yr peak amid dovish Fed, ME tensions
Mubasher: Gold prices declined on Friday as investors took advantage of the bullion’s nearly six-year peak to book profits.
18 July 11:04 PM Gold ends higher on Thursday
Mubasher: Gold went up at Thursday’s settlement, which is its highest level in six years.
18 July 11:13 AM Gold gives up 2-week high as investors book profits
Mubasher: Gold prices retreated from the highest level since two weeks, trading lower on Thursday, as investors locked in profits.
17 July 09:49 PM Gold marks 6-year high at Wednesday’s close  
Mubasher: Gold grew at Wednesday finish, recording highest level since May 2013.
17 July 01:23 PM Gold drops on stronger dollar, but rate-cut hopes keep lid
Mubasher: Gold prices fell on Wednesday, as the dollar firmed on strong US retail sales report, according to Reuters.
16 July 09:59 PM Gold settles lower on Tuesday  
Mubasher: Gold sank at Tuesday’s settlement, as the US dollar strengthened by higher retail sales data.  
16 July 01:01 PM Gold advances amid anticipations of US retail sales figure
Mubasher: Gold prices rose on Tuesday, while market participants awaited US retail sales data, seeking an insight into the health of the world's biggest economy.
15 July 12:20 PM Gold slips early Monday as China figures boost riskier assets
Mubasher: Gold traded lower earlier on Monday, hovering above the $1,400 mark, as figures from China, mollifying worries about global economic growth.
12 July 09:38 PM Gold goes up at Friday’s settlement
Mubasher: Gold ends higher on Friday, rising 1% for the week.
12 July 01:40 PM Gold rises on reignited trade tensions, Fed rate cut prospects
Mubasher: Gold prices advanced on Friday, while they were on course to record a weekly increase, as safe-haven demand was boosted.
11 July 10:19 PM Gold finishes lower on Thursday
Mubasher: Gold settled down on Thursday after reaching the highest level in a week on Wednesday. 
11 July 12:16 PM Gold reaches 1-week peak; dollar slips on Fed’s dovish remarks
Mubasher: Gold hit more than one-week high on Thursday, as the dollar retreated, as the dovish tone struck by the US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome.
10 July 10:03 PM Gold ends higher on Wednesday
​​​​​​​Mubasher: Gold levelled up at Wednesday’s settlement, as the US dollar declined.
10 July 02:54 PM Gold declines amid anticipated Fed head testimony
Mubasher: Gold retreated on Wednesday as expectations of a big interest rate cut faded, as markets were anticipating Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's congressional testimony.
9 July 10:28 PM Gold stabilises above $1,400 at Tuesday's close
Mubasher: Gold settled near stability on Tuesday, as the US dollar went up.
5 July 10:19 PM Gold settles lower on Friday
Mubasher: Gold settled down at Friday’s settlement, losing 1% for the week.
4 July 12:09 PM Gold falls on equity uptick, focus on US job data
Mubasher: Gold prices slid on Thursday following an uptick in stock markets, while investors awaited US non-farm payrolls report.
3 July 10:14 PM Gold marks six-year high at Wednesday’s finish
Mubasher: Gold settled higher on Wednesday, recording the highest level in six years.
3 July 01:48 PM Gold advances as global trade uncertainties boost safe-haven sentiment
Mubasher: hopes of a resolution of the US-China trade conflict faded, while prospects of a dispute with Europe raised concerns over a lukewarm economic growth.
2 July 10:33 PM Gold breaks above $1,400 per ounce at Tuesday’s settlement
Mubasher: Gold Settled higher on Tuesday, pushed up by worries over a global slowdown.  
2 July 02:16 PM Gold climbs amid global growth concerns, US-EU trade feud
Mubasher: Gold rose as worries mounted over an economic downturn amid soft global manufacturing figures, and US-European trade disputes.
1 July 02:09 PM Gold falls on stronger dollar, US-Sino trade ceasefire
Mubasher: Gold prices tumbled on Monday, recording the lowest level in more than a week as the dollar strengthened.
28 June 10:13 PM Gold ends higher in week, jumps in June
Mubasher: Gold Settled higher on Friday, rising 1% for the week and 7.7% for June.
28 June 11:43 AM Gold rises amid US-Sino trade uncertainty
Mubasher: Markets were gripped by uncertainty over whether the talks between the US and China would eventuate in a resolution to a year-long trade conflict.