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Terms Of Use

The Convention on the use of a general convention controller controls the interaction between the user and the site, and applies to all services provided by the site for the user

First: General Conditions

Is committed to the user all the conditions contained in the Convention to ensure the use of the service, and the continued use of the service is considered implied consent On the one hand the user to the terms of the use

Is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the user account data, including user name and password of its own, is also fully responsible From any use of the service is done through a user name and password, whether they were from tip or by others

The site maintains all the rights to cancel or stop any right to use the service in case of violation of the user of any item of the terms of the use

Site retains all rights to change or modify or cancel or alter all or part of the service
Retain the site all the rights to make any change or modify all or some of the terms of the use, whether by omission or addition, including the requirements concerning restrictions or fees for the use of the Service

Site is committed to notify the user changes and the amendments to the Convention on the use, through a posting on the site or notify the Used by any other means of mass notification. These changes take effect immediately upon notification by the user, as is the use of used for the service after being notified of such changes as an approval of it to those changes

User shall not use the Service to download or view or the development or distribution, or transmission of any content contrary to the law, as well as any content involved The threats, the contents of any obscene or indecent or offensive or unacceptable, or the contents violate the rights of any individual or company, and enter the Idaho Involving the contents of the request of funds or advertising, or soliciting services or materials

Retains all rights in the Site end user uses the service or cancels the service, and inform the user banned from use of the service in case Breach of any legal provisions to the user, or if his actions it deems inappropriate site management, or violate the use agreement

Second: Comments on the News

Add the user comment is a tacit approval by the user to the terms of use agreement for the site.
Comment publication only reflects the view of the user's personal, and in the context of the news that is a comment.

Prohibits the user to add any comments or suggestions carry recommendations to take a particular investment decision

Prohibits the user to add any comments of the nature of racial or urges ethnic and religious discrimination, or against customs and traditions and custom prevailing in the nation or State (from the standpoint of location and by management evaluation site)

Prohibits the user to add any comments contain the words or phrases insults indecent year

Prohibits the user to add any comments that would offend to manage the site or any of the charge of it, The site retains all legal rights to sue the user in case of violation of this condition

Third: Intellectual Property Rights

No right to reproduce or publish or distribute any material posted on the site and attributed to the site without mentioning its source, and maintains the site All the legal rights to sue who violates this condition, according to the laws of intellectual property

Allows the user to download some of the contents of the site for personal use only, that is committed to the user not to use those Content for any purpose commercial purposes that generate material benefit only after obtaining a permit Ktapimen the site, and the owner of the Copyright If a third party or on behalf of

Prohibits the user change the contents of the site that has uploaded or downloaded in accordance with these conditions, particularly with regard to Write-off and change notifications posted on the content and related copyright or rights of ownership or warnings

Download content from the website does not give the user any right of intellectual property rights to the content, as the use of this content is the right of the site or its licensors

Forth: Confidentiality of data and information

-Retains the right to the site collection and use of information about the user such as those are filled in the registration form for the purposes of statistical For the purposes of improving the service

Site is committed to providing complete confidentiality of data users, and not to sell, or give to any third party to these data

Site is committed to take the necessary standards of data protection and archiving, note that the Internet is not a means 100% safe to store confidential information