Almarai Company announces deposit amounts returned from the sale of fractional shares resulting from the capital increase in the eligible shareholders accounts

Almarai 2280 -2.81% 45.00 -1.30

Almarai Company is pleased to announce to its shareholders the completion of selling fractional shares resulting from the capital increase, as following:

1. The sale of fractional shares was executed on 24 October 2017.

2. The total number of fractional shares sold was 9,455 shares.

3. The sales of these fractional shares amounted to SAR 532,435.44.

4. The average sale price of shares was SAR 56.40.

5. The amounts returning from the sale of fractional shares will be deposited in the accounts of eligible shareholders on 13 November 2017.

6. The Saudi British Bank will directly deposit fractional shares amount to those shareholders whose account details are available. For shareholders who do not have investment accounts data available or their account details are not complete, can consult the nearest branch of the Saudi British Bank and receive their entitlements after of 13 November 2017, or can communicate with the company as follows:

Phone: +966114700005 Ex. 7992, 6280 or 7679
Fax: 966114701555
P.O. Box 8524 Riyadh 11492