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Qatari investment hits $2bn in Jordan

Qatari investment hits $2bn in Jordan
Bilateral trade between Qatar and Jordan recorded $400 million

Mubasher: Qatar’s investments in Jordan amounted to $2 billion, representing the world’s third largest investor in the country, Chairman of Jordan Chamber of Commerce Na'el Al Kabariti said.

The financial and real estate sectors are the main focus of the Qatari investments in the Arab country.

Bilateral trade between the two countries recorded $400 million, while Qatar plans to boost it in the future, the top official said. 

Qatar’s geopolitical dispute did not affect the relationship with Jordan, Al Kabariti confirmed.

Meanwhile, Qatar's diplomatic rift affected Jordan’s import prices from Doha by 20%, he noted.  

Since 5 June 2017, Qatar has been facing outflows of foreign customers' deposits after four Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia cut their diplomatic ties with the gas-rich state, accusing Qatar of financing terrorism, which led Qatar to search for other markets.