TASI ends May in losses; market cap down 0.5%

TASI ends May in losses; market cap down 0.5%
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Riyadh - Mubasher: The Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) declined by the end of May, after rising for two consecutive months, in both March and April.

The Tadawul All Shares Index (TASI) fell 0.58%, or 47.79 points, to the level of 8,161.08 points.

Market capital levelled down 0.46% to SAR 1.920 trillion, losing SAR 8.8 billion.

Traded volumes shrank by 23.3 last month to 3.7 billion shares, compared with 4.8 billion shares in April, while traded values dropped 22.3% to SAR 83.9 billion from 107.97 billion in the previous month.

As for the market sectors performance, a downwards trend dominated the majority of indices except for, telecom, materials, and banks, which rose 7.2%, 5%, and 1.4%, respectively.

Media and publishing led the decliners, as it plummeted 19.3%, followed by real estate with 15.6%.

Meanwhile, the Nomu-Parallel Market lost 5.3% or 173.4 points in May, as it ended the months at the level of 3,077.38 points.