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Bin Salman to launch 2 touristic projects in Al-Ula

Bin Salman to launch 2 touristic projects in Al-Ula
Bin Salman to launch 2 touristic projects in Al-Ula

Riyadh – Mubasher: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has revealed plans to establish large tourism projects in Al-Ula, in Al Madinah region over the coming period.

The kingdom will build Sharaan Nature Reserve and Sharaan Resort as a part of transforming Al-Ula into a touristic, luxurious, and world heritage destination.

Slated for completion by 2023, the resort will comprise a centre to host conferences and events, a wellness spa, and luxury units and suites, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

The second project, the Sharaan Natural Reserve, will help rebalance the ecosystem of Al-Ula’s historical heritage, as well as help endangered plants and native wildlife flourish once more.

“The rehabilitation and resettlement of endangered plants and animals in the reserve will have a significant impact on the region's biodiversity,” SPA reported, citing Mohamed Salim, head of the nature department at Royal Commission for Al-Ula, as saying.

The nature reserve will help reintroduce animals into the wild and set new standards for biodiversity, Salim added.

These projects are considered a part of the nation’s plans to enhance and boost its tourism sector, which is a part of the Saudi Vision 2030 through which Saudi Arabia seeks to diversify its economic resources and reduce its dependence on the oil industry.

The value of the two projects was not disclosed.