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China plans to promote wind power usage for heating systems

China plans to promote wind power usage for heating systems

Mubasher: China plans to promote utilising energy generated by the wind in order to further power heating systems during harshly cold winters in many regions of the nation, Reuters reported on Friday.

The National Energy Administration (NEA) called on local authorities to put annual targets for heating generated by power from wind farms during the period from this yea to 2021.

Wind energy generators which support winter heating projects could be subject to tax cuts or subsidies, according to the NEA’s statement.

Local authorities will have two months to draft plans, and submit them to the central Chinese government.

In addition, the administration urged local governments to build infrastructure to boost utilising wind power.

It also called on power grid operators to seek a removal of technical barriers in order to cut energy wastage caused by insufficient transmission capacity.

The plan came as the world’s second biggest economy seeks to cut carbon dioxide emissions from coal consumption within its push to combat pollution.