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Eurozone industrial output reverses slide in May

Eurozone industrial output reverses slide in May

Mubasher: Industrial output in the Eurozone climbed by 0.9% in May, compared with April, according to official data released on Friday.

In the 28-member European Union (EU28), industrial production rose by 0.8% last May, compared with the preceding month, according to the Eurozone’s statistical office, the Eurostat.

The industrial output in the Eurozone went down by 0.4% last April, while the EU28 output saw a fall of 0.5%.

Meanwhile, industrial production in the Eurozone inched down by 0.5% on an annual basis last May, whereas the EU28 posted a year-on-year 0.4% growth.

In the Eurozone, durable consumer goods production jumped by 2.7%, durable goods by 2.3%, capital goods by 1.3%, and energy by 0.7%, whereas intermediate goods output declined by 0.2%.

As for the EU28, the production of capital goods rose by 1.9%, durable consumer goods by 1.7%, non-durable goods by 1.5%, and energy by 1.3%, with a slight decline of 0.1% in intermediate goods.

The biggest gains were logged in Denmark at 4.4%, Ireland at 2.3% and France at 2.1%, while the sharpest falls were recorded in Finland at 2.9%, Romania at 1.9% and Croatia at 1.7%.

By 9:34 am GMT, the EUR/USD pair went up by 0.04% to $1.1258.