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DFM approves BH Mubasher as Market Maker

DFM approves BH Mubasher as Market Maker
DFM has approved BH Mubasher as a Market Maker
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Dubai – Mubasher: The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) has approved BH Mubasher, a leading company in the UAE’s financial market, as a Market Maker.

The move authorises BH Mubasher to provide liquidity to companies listed on the DFM, according to the company's disclosure to DFM on Sunday.

The CEO of BH Mubasher, Abdel Hadi Al Sa’di, said: "This step will enable DFM listed companies to enhance the liquidity of shares and achieve a buy/sell balance with BH Mubasher."

Meanwhile, the CEO of the DFM, Hassan Al Serkal, remarked: "The DFM spares no effort to provide its participants with new services to strengthen trading activities and achieve supply/demand balance, in collaboration with our strategic partners of leading brokerage firms."